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Duration: 2 hours

What is gossip? What is the difference between that and rumors? How does gossip impact professionalism and the care we provide?

Gossip is talk that is somehow "juicy," meaning it deals with subjects that are shocking or personal. Gossip is usually about things like love and relationships, or private things that people don't talk openly about. Gossip is passing along information that’s not relevant to anyone doing their job effectively. Gossip in the workplace has a negative on teamwork, professionalism and confidentiality.

Facilitators will lead participants in discussion to create an awareness and understanding of "Gossip" and how it applies to the early learning and child care profession. What is the definition of gossip and why is it different from rumors and slander? Why do individuals' gossip? What are the negative impact on the children and families we serve and on our workplace environments? Participants will engage in self-reflection to identify what they can do personally and professionally to improve their practice in dealing with gossip in the workplace.

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