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Inspired teaching and childcare

The Early Learning and Out-of-School care community has an enormous responsibility — to foster a love for learning in young children and to care for them.

At Creative Childcare Consulting, we provide the programs and resources that help you and your organization rise to the task and excel while carrying it out.

Inspiring tools and resources for the Early Learning and Out-of-School care community in Canada

Ongoing development

We help you to become the best you can be by providing innovative and creative adult learning through professional development and networking opportunities.

Get access to resources that will inspire early learning educators to continuously improve their skills, knowledge and approaches to achieve best outcomes for children.

We offer decades of experience and commitment to the Early Learning and Out-of-School care community

Tailored programs

On and off site program supports, workshops and training can be designed specifically to your organization's requirements. We offer many years of experience in designing and delivering programs to support growth and excellence.

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