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Duration: 3 hours

Accreditation Standards: 1, 2 and 4

In emergent curriculum, both adults and children have initiative and make decisions. This power to impact curriculum decisions and directions means that sometimes curriculum is also negotiated between what interests children and what adults know is necessary for children’s learning and development. Ideas for curriculum emerge from responding to the interests, questions, and concerns generated within a particular environment, by a particular group of people, at a particular time. Thus, emergent curriculum is never built on children’s interests alone; teachers and parents also have interests worth bringing into the curriculum.

This final workshop in the series will challenge participants to identify ongoing opportunities and approaches to learning. Facilitators will introduce web based planning as an aspect of emergent curriculum and explore the benefits. Participants will engage in hands-on webbing activities to full understand how it allows for flexibility in programming, encourages creative and open-ended thinking and considers children’s needs and interests.

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