Creative Childcare Consulting
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Call Today! 403-818-9305

Duration: 2 hours

Often difficult behaviours arise from overstimulation or under stimulation in the classroom. What can educators do to help their children be more successful?

We live in a time where everyone including young children, are bombarded with more visual images than ever before experienced by human beings.  Researchers are linking detrimental behaviours with over and under-stimulation. Even though most early learning environments have little to no screen opportunities, children do manage to access them outside of programs. Educators are well-positioned to make positive, impactful changes to the programs they offer; allowing children to make sense of visual information that guides them to achieve desired behaviours.

Facilitators will lead participants in the discussion to create an awareness and understanding of the power of their learning environments and how to proactively make changes that can positively impact children’s behaviour.

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