Creative Childcare Consulting
Call Today! 403-818-9305 or 403-607-3133
Call Today! 403-818-9305 or 403-607-3133

Duration: 4 hours (can be split into 2 sessions)

Accreditation Standards: 1,2,3, and 5

Children of all ages can take leadership roles. In this 2-part workshop “L4T Leadership Club“ will provide out of school care programs with a framework that supports children to engage in age appropriate leadership opportunities. Implementing a leadership program provides children with the opportunity to explore options of interest outside of the school environment, connect children to the greater local and global community, all while supporting skills and real-life experiences.

Leadership is about mutual respect and trust between children and adults.  It is about being part of a larger team to accomplish mutual goals that benefit children and the larger community.

Participants will link leadership opportunities to child developmental milestones, provide opportunities for families to have input into the leadership program, conduct observations and reflect on the implementation and outcomes of the leadership program.

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