Creative Childcare Consulting
Call Today! 403-818-9305 or 403-607-3133
Call Today! 403-818-9305 or 403-607-3133

Duration: 2 hours

Accreditation Standards: 1 and 2

Pressing Play on those early dismissal and non-schools days is a critical component to healthy child development. Years of research clearly demonstrate that child directed play fosters the development of the whole child, contributes to school success, and is a necessary and important part of every child's life.

Pop-Up play opportunities provide out of school care settings with the opportunity to enable children to be experts in their own play by creating their own play experiences. Participants will learn how to support children’s interests through offering a variety of open ended play opportunities, provide a variety of materials that inspire creativity and the critical role of the OOSC leaders in providing and enabling children to experience these play opportunities.

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